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Ways to Stop Ten Common Dog Behavior Issues

Each dog owner has some dog obedience issues at certain times, and it is not difficult to believe you are alone with your dog behavior problems. Don’t fret! Lots of other people will be having similar dog obedience problems and the good news is that these difficulties could be overcome with a little time and patience.

1. Toilet Training Problems

Dogs naturally prefer to go away from the den to potty. Even so, there is a problem when the dog does not understand that the entire house is beds for yorkies home and also when the dog is not allowed outside often enough to urinate. So, if you’re not allowing your dog out often enough, the problem is not difficult to deal with! Though, once a dog has urinated inside, he might think that it’s OK to do it over and over.

Develop a routine for the dog to potty at the same times every day, and praise them strongly. However, do not get annoyed if your dog does urinate inside. Rage and yelling do not help when you are training a dog. Make a sudden sound, such as clapping your hands, when the dog begins to relieve itself in the home, and then remove the dog outside at once so the dog starts connecting outside with urinating. This take constant vigilance and a lot of patience from you but is well worth the effort.

2. Canine Aggression

There are a number of reasons why a dog might become aggressive. If you adopted a mature dog, it is possible that he may have been poorly treated as a puppy. If you brought up the puppy without the correct training, the dog could be attempting to affirm his domination over you. When a dog is bored or has too much energy he could have developed anxiety issues and these will need to moderated this by your strong, alpha leadership.

Food Aggression is very common. If your dog shows indications of food aggression by snapping or biting if you go near his food bowl, then you must retrain them to think differently by establishing a feeding programme. Start feeding them just 2-3 times a day. By becoming the supply of the food, the dog looks to you as the source of the food, instead of trying to protect what he feel is his.

Aggression Directed at Children and Strangers. The training used to eradicate this aggression uses positive re-enforcement. Put your dog on a leash and place yourselves some distance from the cause of aggression (the children). Give your dog praise and treats and then move nearer to the source of aggression. The dog will eventually start to appreciate this as a supply of reward and pleasure, and get enthusiastic and not irate and aggressive.

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