Top tips to get more matches on sites like Craigslist

So you’re tired of searching on adult dating sites like craigslistjust to get like 1 match a week and then have the girl ghost you after like 2 messages, and that’s if you’re lucky! Now I’m gonna give you my top tips to get more matches on Adult Friend Finder while spending the least amount of time on it. Let’s fucking go.

When first messaging a girl, only message them at night. It’s my job to help you guys get laid, so I’ve been experimenting with Adult Friend Finder for the past few months and noticed that over 90% of the time a girl sends me a message on Adult Friend Finder, it’s late at night. Interesting isn’t it? But it makes total sense when you think about it. Late at night a girl is most likely laying in bed on her phone and is bored so she decides to crack open Adult Friend Finder and start swiping and talking to guys. If you message her during the day she’s more likely to be out and about and doing shit so she won’t respond to a message from a random guy on Adult Friend Finder who she doesn’t know yet because you haven’t proven your worth to her yet.

Also I’ve noticed that most girls don’t have notifications on for Adult Friend Finder, so they only open up the app and check it late at night, when they’re bored. Noticing the trend here? I’ve also noticed that I get a lot of message responses really early in the morning as well, for the same reason, because girls are bored and laying in bed when they first wake up so they crack open Adult Friend Finder to relieve their boredom. Either way, it’s best to start messaging them at night because they’re more likely to have a conversation with you during that time. After you get a response you can message them more freely but keep in mind that they will be most responsive at night.

Use Instagram to Your Advantage. If a girl has her Instagram linked to her Adult Friend Finder then go ahead and follow her on Instagram, and when she follows you back, DM her using my Zeus approved line I’ll have on screen now, with screenshots of me actually using it. See this line works really well because it shows that 1) you saw her on Adult Friend Finder, so she knows you’re interested in her romantically and 2) that you’re acknowledging the fact that yeah you did go through the trouble of DMing her but playing it off casually and like it’s not a big deal. Now I’m not gonna lie, this line doesn’t work 100% of the time or even 80% of the time, but out of all the lines I’ve tried out, this is the one I’ve had the most success with. You just gotta accept that Instagram DMs are NOT the best way to pick up a girl and you’re likely to get ignored so you’re gonna have to DM a decent amount of girls before this works.



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