Tenga Thunder Egg

The Tenga Thunder Egg is an avant-garde masturbation concept from Japanese sex toy manufacturer Tenga, the easy-use egg masturbator features a uniquely ribbed elastomer sleeve patterned in the zigzag form of a thunder flash, at a glance you will be tempted to feel that this little egg is far from capable of providing the climactic pleasure it promises, however; if you are patient and go on to remove the shell, you’ll find an extremely stretchy, and well textured egg-shaped material with a soft firm hollow in the center to envelop your penis. Enjoy the thundering ride accompanied by flashes of lightening as you slip and slide through waves of ecstasy, the thunder egg has pronounced nodules designed to deliver sensual strokes and gentle massages to the head and shaft rhythmically. Clit Clamps are easy to use, simply lubricate the inner walls of the sleeve with the complimentary Tenga lubricant, and remember to pinch the tip of the egg just like a condom before slipping it onto the penis to prevent damage. You will be amazed to discover that this 2.5 inch sex toy can stretch to up to 12 inches in length and 8 inches in girth. Note that this toy is a disposable item, however; with careful handling and sufficient lubrication, you will enjoy your Tenga Egg multiple times instead of just once. This male masturbator can be used both for solo acts as well as during sex plays between couples, and will help improve intimacy. This Tenga sleeve becomes transparent when it’s stretched; giving you a close-up view to observe your ejaculation or that of your partner, and the best part is the sticky mess stays trapped within the sleeve. So what are you waiting for? Go with the flash and enjoy a thunderous release like the claps of thunder.


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