Steps To Decorate A Christmas Tree: You’re All In One Guide For The Vacations.

Christmas is almost knocking at the door. You all must be excited about your vacations. You might be going shopping every weekend now and planning to spend the perfect holiday. So, here we are, to help you out with the decoration of your Christmas tree. Here is a step by step guide on how to decorate a Christmas tree. Well, before we start, there are things that you may have to buy from the market. For those things, you can check out the Balsam Hill Australia coupon codes to avail some discounts on your shopping. These codes will help you to get an extra discount on your regular shopping too. Check them out, and you can buy a fantastic gift to your wife or parents to surprise them with the enormous amount of money you’ll be saving. Now all set for the list to decorate your Christmas tree, here we go.

Select a tree in the first place: Spruce is the most critical thing to kick-start your decorations. There are a lot of varieties in the market, and the perfect artificial spruce for your house or garden is never too far from you. And all of them are available in an affordable price range too. The price of a 7.5ft artificial spruce is not more than £260. Does it sound good for your pocket? Or you can also try original spruce. We suggest an artificial one. The number of trees is decreasing day by day rather than increasing nowadays. Trees have already sacrificed a lot. Why kill another one just to co-op with your festive mood when you have options right?

Pick a good location now: No matter if your tree is real or an artificial one, it’s equally important to find a suitable place to keep it. The ideal place would be near the plug socket to avoid wires spread on the floor of your living room. Rearrange the types of furniture if you don’t want to make this clumsy. If you got a tree for real, try to keep it in a place as cool as possible. Don’t keep it close to the fireplace or radiators. Otherwise, it would be dead ahead of the big day. So, be careful about the placement of your Christmas tree.

Measure up: Measure the width, height and weight of your tree. Give it some room so that the branches can hang freely. It will give you more space to decorate. One last thing is, always remember to trim the tree from the bottom if needed. This will help to maintain the triangular shape of the tree.

Fluffing: Fluffing is a great way to make your tree look better. Especially those artificial once needs serious fluffing. These artificial trees are kept squashed in a cardboard box for the rest of the years. So, make it fluffy to bring it back to its real shape. Spend 40 minutes with your tree doing this, and the lights will look brighter as the tree will get fluffier.

Tree skirts: C’mon guys. You’ll be wearing new dresses for your Christmas. Don’t leave your tree without a skirt. Don’t make those ugly plastic tree holders visible to the guests. Gift a tree skirt to your tree this Christmas. Santa will be sad if he watches your tree like that. Think about the tree, how much she’ll be embarrassed without the skirt in front of him!!

Get your lights right, choose a colour scheme: Spend at least 30 minutes or more if needed. Make sure that your lightings are fine and well positioned. Take your time, start from the top and work your way down. Don’t rush with the lightings. It’s such an important thing when you’re decorating your Christmas tree. And once it’s done, it’ll worth every second you spend behind it. Also, choose a particular colour scheme. Select a theme and maintain it with your lightings. Choosing a theme and lighting the tree according to the theme will give your Christmas tree a special and unique look.

Baubles: It’s fun working with baubles. Start from the inside of the tree and work your way out. Add Garlands too. Garlands help to add a great texture to your tree. Use beads, ribbons or foils. Garlands add pretty beautiful textures to your Christmas tree.

And now when you’re done with all the decorations to your festive masterpiece, add an eye-catching topper like the cherry on top. There are plenty of them in the market. Choose what matches perfectly with your theme lightings and other decors. Put it on the top, and you’re ready to welcome Santa. Happy vacations :).



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