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Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Asia

The continent of Asia has had to deal with the many sexually transmitted disaeases for centuries. Herpes, hepatitis, chlamydia and gonorrhea have been on the planet since people first started procreating. The STD is not new and the international expat living in Thailand should be aware of the facts around the common STD (sexually transmitted diseases) that are now going around in Thailand. Are you an expat with high-risk behavior patterns? Do you enjoy going to your sexual extreme? Are you engaging in sex more often than in your homeland? The Expat Health Insurance is designed for the expat with proclivities and tendencies for risky and impulsive behavior.

In the early 1980s HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) became the mysterious virus and feared STD that attacked the body’s immune system. They wrongly thought at first it was for promiscuous gays only. HIV / AIDS can be caught from a whole host of scenarios. The promiscuous heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual will always have a higher risk due to the exposure they have to the virus. If HIV is not treated, it can lead to AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). There is currently no effective cure. Once people get HIV, they have it for life. Most HIV patients take a cocktail of drugs that now push away the harmful reality of full blown AIDS. Please understand the risk in your choices while you are living a healthy and happy life as an expat. Do not bring misery into your life with one wrong choice to have unprotected sex with that attractive, exotic lady. Be respectful to yourself and your partner and live with a moral code in moderation and you will always enjoy yourself more.

Thailand has areas where you can explore your sexual preferences but that comes with consequences. We always advise being an expat with a moral code and one partner in a monogamous arrangement but free will is what free will is. Some people want to stretch their legs in the fascinating adventures of Asian nightlife but that can lead to incredible misadventures for a lifetime. Protecting yourself with proper birth control should always be a priority. Respect for all people should also be your concern when you decide to wander into the wild side of life. The Expat Health Insurance gives you confidential and discreet coverage for all the problems that the expat could face. If you have unprotected sexual relations understand the consequences could be you catch an STD and HIV / AIDS is one of them. Be aware and be prepared as a young man sowing your wild oats. Be responsible and get that box of condoms before you arrive. Being an expat and an international traveler can be a time of glorious adventure and discovery. Be wise and always use self-control when you travel as you set moral boundaries for yourself. In fact, your actions could lead to unwanted pregnancies or a life-threatening STD. Always have excellent Expat Health Insurance that is a definite part of a good life-plan as you retire, live or work in Thailand. Did you know Rabbit Care accepts all AIDS related patients? In fact, other insurance companies have restrictive policies and insure only on conditions. Rabbit Care is truly unconditional coverage for all struggling with HIV / AIDS.

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