Dargason Music Others My personal Grandfather Was a Current day Viking Beserker

My personal Grandfather Was a Current day Viking Beserker

Modern day scholars say that Berserker’s were Norse warriors who dressed in coats of wolf or bear skins and fought within a trance of fury. I say of which they were much more than that will. I believe that they actually become baby wolves and bears!

Modern day day man has lost all associated with his spirituality in addition to therefore the perception in Supernatural events is lost in order to him. But the writings of hundreds and hundreds of scholars before 1900’s, (When presently there was still a few spiritual energies within the world) wrote concerning shape shifting and shape changing.

Glance at the modern day timeless classics, “Dracula” and the particular “Wolf Man. very well My Rune Grasp told me in terms of believing what was written, “where there is smoke now there is fire. “

I have proof of a Berserker in my family. Though he failed to change shape. My grandfather, who has been born in Sweden, would bite about his tongue plus go into a new Rage whenever he fought. Which he did many instances. He was gassed in France in the course of WW1. He chop down off a three story building whilst tarring a roof top (and drunk). He lost the work with of his left arm. In his 80’s he would take their SS check, move to his preferred bar, throw the verify on the club and say “Throw me out any time this really is gone. When you can. inch He still fought against in his 80’s with one supply.

Berserkers were likewise known as Odin’s warriors, for they all carried spears and had runes both tattooed or driven on their bodies.

King Harolds’s army involved a warrior bunch of Berserker’s that fought under the particular name of typically the Norse God involving War, Tyr. They will all carried Tyr’s rune, on the defends int battle.

Berserker’s are mentioned throughout the Ynglinga Tale. “Odin’s warriors hurried forward without battle suits, they were since mad a baby wolves or bears, touch their shields and even were as robust as wild Bulls, and killed individuals in a single blow, although neither fire or iron told on themselves… “

Berserker’s appear in many regarding the Sagas and even poems including “The Saga of Hrolf Krakl. “

Inside Egil’s Saga, Egil’s grandfather was named Kueld-ulf which methods “Werewolf. ” Kueld-ulf’s son, Skalla-Grimm seemed to be a Berserker.

Viking axes for sale (Norse Warriors working in the particular service with the Byzantine Empire) performed the “Berserker Dance” putting on animal skins in addition to masks.

In 1015, Janc Eirkr Hakonarson of Norway banned Berserker’s and sentenced them to out and about lawry. By the particular 1100’s organized Berserker war bands vanished.

But based on each of our new laws associated with Quantum Physics, Berserker’s still exist inside the Quantum Ocean. You might want to attract one or two of which in order to protect your property should you live throughout a bad part of town.

Ellis Peterson AKA Ragnar Storyteller is an upon the market math professor plus electronics engineer. He or she has been studying astrology, runes, radionics, metaphysics and alternative healing treatments for over 30 years. He could be 70+, in very good health in addition to lives in the particular boonies of the particular Pocono mountains along with his wife Lory. His writings are usually unique and stimulating. To see more of his writings pay a visit to his websites.

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