Learn Karate Online – Soto Uke (Outside Forearm Block) – Part 2 Stepping Forward

Before trying to step forward in zenkutsu dachi (front stance), be sure and understand the basic elements of the karate front stance and they are, weight distribution, length, width and height.

We are not going to cover front Karate Online in this article, only stepping forward soto uke.

Starting with the left leg in front and the arms in the gedanbarai (downward block) position.

The first three points we cover in this article, should be performed at exactly the same time.

1. Stretch the left arm forward, so the hand is directly in front of the left shoulder. The left hand can be open, or closed into a fist, with the back of the hand facing up. If the hand is open, stretch the fingers forward, keeping the wrist straight.

2. Lift the right arm up and place behind the head on the right side of the body, without being to uncomfortable. The right elbow should be level or higher than the right shoulder, keep the palm of the right fist facing away to the right of the body. The forearm should be vertical with the right fist above the right elbow.

3. Initiate the step by driving the left knee forward, the feeling should be as if someone is pulling you forward by your left arm. Pull and push the right leg sharply forward, at the same time, there should be a strong feeling on the right side of the body, really try and push the right side of the body and leg forward.

Try and keep the same height throughout the step. As you step forward with the right leg, at the half way point, bring the knees slightly inwards, keeping the feet travelling in a straight line, so as the body travels straight forward and not in, then out.

4. From the half way point, the left leg drives the whole body forward. Drive from the floor with the left leg, continue driving the right side of the body forward, but keep the arm positions.

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