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Know A Little More Information About Delta 8 Vape

As far as delta 9 THC is concerned, it is not the only form available for tetrahydrocannabinol. There is also another lesser-known cousin available of this popular THC type. Nowadays, most cannabinoid users all over the world are now gradually becoming aware of its existence and also about the unique benefits that this Cannabis sativa can offer.

In this article, we will briefly discuss delta 8 THC and explain how the vape cartridges of Delta 8 THC can unlock the various benefits of this particular cannabinoid. You may like to use a CBD vape pen for this purpose that you can get from Just CBD Store.

Delta 8 THC

Generally, delta 8 THC is considered as an analog to its other famous cousin Delta 9 THC, which would mean that it is only very slightly different chemically from its popular cannabinoid cousin.

A few chemical bonds are different between these two however, now delta 8 is also rapidly becoming popular due to its few unique effects and benefits.

In most of the Cannabis sativa strains, only when there is a presence of delta 9 THC, then only delta 8 THC is expressed which is in very small quantity comparatively in cannabis flower. As a result, performing any experiments by using delta 8 has traditionally proven quite difficult.

Due to recent progress in cannabis extraction techniques, it has made it possible to easily acquire a large amount of delta 8 THC to do any research.  However, still very few studies were conducted to find the benefits of this compound.

So far whatever a little number of research papers published on delta 8 THC, we could get a little more clear picture of the potential of this particular cannabinoid.

You can get delta 8 THC in both isolates as well as distillate concentrate forms. Also, it is commonly made into a finished consumer product like any capsules or a delta 8 vape product.

As further research into this particular cannabinoid will accelerate and then its popularity will also grow, and then the products related to delta 8 THC hemp flower will also start appearing in the market.

Benefits of delta 8 THC

Although enough research has not been done on this cannabinoid, however, the following benefits of the delta 8 THC were noticed.

  1. Anti-cancer benefits

A study was conducted in 1975, and potential antineoplastic qualities were found that means it may help cancer patients. In 2020, this research was further followed up and potential benefits were found for breast cancer treatment.

  1. Antiemetic benefits

In 1995, studies were conducted to determine whether it could help chemotherapy-induced nausea for those children with cancer. It was found that it can prevent nausea in children much better than any mainline antiemetic treatments, however, it was not followed up later.

  1. Appetite benefits

In 2004, it can increase appetite much better than its cousin delta 9 THC and no side effects commonly were noticed. However, no follow-up research was done in this regard.

We will continue to know more when more research papers will be available to us.

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