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How to Package Small Items for Shipping

Nothing has quite the same excitement as getting a package in the mail, whether it be something your ordered or a complete surprise. Imagine the disappointment that would follow if the contents arrived in less-than-perfect condition! 3pl

While carefully packing and shipping larger items can be expensive and complicated, shipping small items is fairly cheap and easy to do. Whether you have a pen pal, are a seller on eBay or Etsy, or even if you are sending gifts to family members for their birthdays, there are just a few simple things you should take into consideration when getting ready to ship your items.

If you are sending very small items or things such as chains that tangle easily, place the items in small zipper bags or other small, sealed containers to stop them from rattling around during shipping. (Check your local craft store for various sizes of miniature zipper bags for your small items!)

Wrap all of your items, especially fragile ones, with some sort of packing material to protect it during shipping. (Remember, you never know what will happen to that package on its way to its destination!) This is the most important step in packaging your items, especially if they are at all fragile!

For items that aren’t fragile, a thin layer of padding such as tissue paper will probably be sufficient. The more fragile your item, the more padding you want on it! Use bubble wrap for things that are breakable, and keep adding layers until you are comfortable with the amount of protection your item has.

Find a box or padded envelope that is the right size for your item. Ideally, you should be able to fit your wrapped item inside the box or envelope snugly, with very little wiggle room. If you are using a small box that wasn’t designed specifically for mailing, you may want to check that the dimensions are large enough for mailing; the clerk at your local post office can do a quick check for you.

If your item is heavy, you should consider using a Priority Mail Flat Rate box. While postage rates are generally figured by weight, flat rate boxes are priced by size. As long as your items fit inside the box and it closes completely without any modifications to the box, it ships for one low price.

If your items are fragile, make sure you tell your postal clerk. They will mark your package as such, which should help ensure that everything arrives in one piece. If your piece is particularly fragile and/or valuable, you may want to consider insuring it as well!

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