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How to Get Confident With Girls – Three Steps to Overcoming Your Insecurity

Learning how to get confident with girls is an issue that is easy to explain, but hard to put into practice. It’s easy for me to tell you that you need to hold your head up high and have some self-confidence. But when you get into a situation where you really need to be confident, it is very easy to slide back down to the place where you are very unsure of yourself.

Step One – Understand Where Your Insecurity is Coming From

There is generally a root Chatta to a guy’s insecurity. Did a girl not only break-up with you, but tried to tear you down? Did you get rejected by a girl who you secretly believed you had a shot with? Or maybe you have not had much luck with girls, ever. Maybe you feel that you have been unsuccessful in most areas of your life.

There are a million reasons, but if you look deep enough you can come up with one or two reasons for your continuing insecurity with the opposite sex. Finding the root cause of your insecurity gives you a place to build from, so take the time to answer this crucial question.

Step Two – Do Not Live in the Past

Now that you understand the cause of your insecurity, you need to start letting the past go. I know that is simple advice to a complex problem. But you need to believe me when I say that you will not overcome your confidence issues by playing painful memories over and over in your head.

Make a fresh start. Do not assume that every girl you meet will be the same as others that have hurt you. Everyone gets burned at some point in their life. If a guy says he’s never been hurt by a woman before, he is lying to you. So make a commitment to wipe the slate clean and start over today.

Step Three – Get a Life

And I know what you are thinking…I already have a life. But you would not be reading this if you where a super confident guy. What I mean by getting a life is that you need to start filling your life with what interests you. If you used to love playing baseball (soccer, tennis, bowling, etc.), join a league. If you have always wanted to learn how to fly an airplane, go back to school, or learn how to race cars…get involved with whatever interests you.

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