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Floatation Experience Benefits

Elevation Floatation and Yoga is Melbourne’s first combined Floatation, Yoga and Creative centre. We have been providing the most effective and expert-led programs to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

At Elevation Floatation and Yoga, we specialise in floatation tank therapy as one of our major meditative and rehabilitative programs! It has become an increasingly trendy way to distress, become inspired and revitalise oneself.

For those who are new to the practice of float therapy, it involves virtually floating in a tank or pod which is enclosed and filled with 40 cm of water. The water is saturated with 550kg of Epsom salts which effectively allows a person to float effortlessly, without having to worry about the danger of falling asleep or drowning.

What makes these float tanks even more unique is that they are soundproof and lightproof which eliminates any visual, audible and physical distractions. This consequently nurtures an environment that allows for meditation and deep relaxation.

Float tanks are also known as a Sensory Deprivation Tanks, and were invented by Dr John C. Lilly, a neuroscientist who had been working for the National Institute of Mental Health. They have been around since 1954 and are now designed to help a wide variety of people including pregnant women and athletes.

Sensory Deprivation tank Melbourne of the top benefits of float tank therapy include:

Stress management skills. The floatation tank experience allows people to develop and improve their ability to manage stress because it produces an environment that eliminates physical, visual and audible stimulus. This allows the user to de-clutter their mind and even enter meditation mode. Numerous studies have shown that this can reduce stress, better one’s sleeping patterns, and help users maintain a positive frame of mind.

Pain relief. Floatation has the potential to speed up muscle recovery by reducing lactic acid and perceived pain levels. This of course is highly beneficial for athletes! The Epsom salt in the water minimises gravity and enables the body to float, therefore freeing any muscle tensions and pressure points to aid in muscle relaxation. Pregnant women who may experience back aches, sore feet and fatigue can also find the floatation tank experience to be very effective in relieving much of the added weight and pressure they have.

Meditation. Meditation is a well-known for its own benefits, however to achieve meditation tends to take longer as practice is usually needed. Nevertheless, floatation helps users reap the benefits of meditation quicker. This is so because there is minimal sensory input and therefore a much greater potential for the user to tap into self-awareness mode.

Enhancing personal creativity. The floatation tank experience allows you to enter altered states of consciousness more easily as the production of Theta brain waves become more prevalent. This is said to be significant for aiding in creative problem solving skills, insights and intuition.

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