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Christmas Verses New Year Day – Which is Mightier?

For several centuries, Christmas has been celebrated. New year became significant for celebrating life -having gone through the previous one healthy and alive. Christmas has had a great meaning to the most Christians. Others like the seventh day Adventists have found it insignificant. For the new year, everyone has always been involved -be it the Muslims, the seventh day Adventists and so many others.

Christians consider Christmas day as the day Jesus Christ was born. Given the so many attributes to him as the world savior, son of God and founder of Christianity, Christians world over celebrate it. But all these mean nothing to Muslim counterparts and the seventh day Adventists.

They will only look on and wonder -given the sharp contrast in perception and argument -regarding the “truth.” The Muslims will talk about prophet Mohamed as the fittest to be remembered, the seventh day Adventists, on the other hand, will accuse label Christmas celebrants idol worshipers -following the history of the day. And all other faiths have independent grounds for human existence verse of the day wellness that make the lines of pursuit “truthful.”

Unlike before, when world characterized abundance -with lots of food for everyone, sufficient monetary resources and limited pressure on resources, now or never, one must prioritize. There is more individualism, “everyone for himself and God for everyone.”

The Christmas day -which featured people spending lots of time and money on gifts, food, entertainment and decorations, now only plan for what best the day should cost and what balance left for tomorrow and a few weeks ahead. Sending out of gifts is a rare phenomenon. In fact some people would think they were abandoned by the loved one, hated or having negative issues against them.

But, of course, there exists some -who say, “it is the Lord who gives and takes away. the day (Christmas) is the Lord’s day, why not spend all and expect provision later.” They go ahead to say, “never worry about tomorrow, for it will take care of itself. you can not get when no spending.” What a faithful servant that person is!

And at most, it will be the lesser Christians -who will boycott Christmas or be passive on that day -and “qualify”themselves to the class of pagans and anti-gods. And long with the active and mainstream Christian groups, seventh day Adventists, atheists and everyone will anxiously wait for and jubilee on new year’s day.

There is this more meaning to life on earth than out of it (the unknown, faith-based practices, and the numerous promises for good works. Interestingly for both Christmas and new year, there will be mixed actions of excitement, considerably unholy and appreciative spiritual or godly practices -all meant to celebrate the two important days.

On new year’s day, it is unifying globally seeing everyone involved. It is the most democratic day of all. Everyone reflects on it and shows value to life. Humanly binding principles of co-existence and common value for life are invoked on that day.

However, the challenges after those days still remain, senseless killing, suffocating development of others, discrimination and segregation, political and economic corruption, incompetent leadership, poor life planning and decision making and blind faith. The main concern now dwells one how best we live and fulfill expectations on Earth as basis of future judgements.


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