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CBD as a Suitable Treatment for Binge Eating Disorder 


Some people might think of Binge Eating Disorder as just a myth but it is actually a very serious condition that makes you eat an insane amount of food without holding back. Overconsumption of food could prove to be fatal and in this scenario, Binge Eating Disorder (BED) could pose some serious threats to the body. Moving on, you might be wondering how CBD could help with binge eating disorder but before that, we’ll have to discuss the causes for Binge Eating Disorder.

Causes of Binge Eating Disorder

There are no exact causes of Binge Eating Disorder or BED but there are few conditions that contribute to the development of this illness. Some of these conditions are:


It is believed that depression is one of the main causes that contribute to the development of Binge Eating Disorder.  According to medical experts, people who find it really hard to cope with their feelings and stay depressed for a very long while which could lead to the development of  this condition.

Biological Abnormalities

Biological abnormalities in the genes could also be one of the main causes behind the development of Binge Eating Disorder. Scientists believe that hormonal and genetic irregularities could also play a part in the development of this illness.

Long-term dieting

It has been said that people returning to a regular eating routine after long-term dieting could also develop this condition. However, there is no medical research to back the claim but experts think that it could also be an important factor in the development of Binge Eating Disorder.

How CBD could help?

CBD is well-known for its life-changing medical benefits that could treat various mental and physical illnesses. But, could CBD also be used as a suitable treatment for Binge Eating Disorder (BED) as well? The short answer is yes but there’s no simple answer and we’ll have to go in-depth to understand how CBD could help BED patients.

Reduce Depression and Anxiety

CBD holds endocannabinoid receptors that interact with the endocannabinoid system inside the brain that boosts the mental condition. In the case of depression, anxiety, and other mental conditions, CBD could treat these conditions and increase the quality of life. In the case of  Binge Eating Disorder, depression is one of the main causes in the development of this condition, and CBD, which is an anti-depression substance could treat depression which can reduce the chances of BED development in the body.

Control Diabetes

Binge Eating Disorder could cause diabetes as well and it is not reversible. However, CBD could control the diabetes level inside the body and restrict it from going above the par. The majority of BED patients have diabetes and in some severe cases, patients often have to completely rely on insulin.

Boosts the Immune System

Often when a person is sick, he or she may be forced to eat a crazy amount of food to help the body fight against the bacteria which could also play a role in the development of BED. In this scenario, CBD could be consumed to boost the immune system to produce antibodies.

Lastly, CBD could not directly treat BED but it can surely help ease the symptoms. Along with regular medication, Binge Eating Disorder could be treated easily if caught at the early stages. Getting hooked up on opioids is not the safest option but controlling your diet is the best way to treat Binge Eating Disorder.


Which CBD product is the best for Binge Eating Disorder?

CBD comes in many shapes and sizes but for Binge Eating Disorder, we recommend these CBD-infused treats to help with the symptoms and restrict the disorder from further development. Here are a few CBD products that could prove to be very beneficial for BED patients:


A CBD oil with a rich extract from the Cannabis plant with almost no amount of THC is a good place to start. Few drops of CBD oil mixed with coffee or tea would treat you well. There are no adverse effects of CBD oil. On the contrary, CBD could greatly benefit your medical and physical health.

CBD Beverages

Usually, we recommend CBD-infused gummy bears and other edibles but for a person with Binge Eating Disorder, we recommend the use of CBD-infused beverages. We’re living in 2020 and you could easily find your favorite flavored CBD-infused drink. These beverages will have the same CBD benefits unless they are mixed with too many artificial ingredients.


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