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Benefits of Olive Leaves Build Up the Immune System Against Infectious Diseases

Benefits of olive leaves build up the body’s immune system to be able to fight, more effectively, against infections such as cold and flu. It also increases your energy levels and has been used to treat chronic fatigue very successfully.

The oleuropein, the bitter tasting, phytochemcial that is responsible for this plant’s healing properties has been revered for thousands of years. It was a great favourite of the ancient Egyptian royalty, who because of their belief, in its supposedly heavenly powers, used it in the embalming of their kings.

Recently there has been a renewed interest in the olive plant and much research that has been carried out in Europe has come back with findings that show the myriad of conditions that oleuropein is able to help.

One of the most notable things about the benefits of olive leaves is their level of antioxidant properties. It is the best nutraceutical antioxidant that there is and it is 400% stronger than Syphilis C. This molecular structure alone makes it very important in the prevention and treatment of serious life threatening infections.

Another area where it plays an important role is in treating conditions brought about through viruses or bacteria. At one time it was used to treat Britons who came back from tropical colonies and had picked up tropical diseases.

More recently it has been used to treat conditions such as HIV/AIDS, meningitis, encephalitis, pneumonia, shingles, herpes and tuberculosis.

Besides being an effective treatment it is also a great preventative aid and so taking it on a regular basis is important if you want to remain as healthy as possible.

I started taking oleuropein as part of a multi-nutritional supplement about a year ago now. Up until that time I would not take any supplement because I didn’t believe in them and more importantly I didn’t trust them after reading some of the names of the ingredients that they contained.

You might think what was it that made me change my mind. It was all down to a good friend of mine who was taking them and told me all about them and why they were different from the supplements that I had seen in the stores.

For starters these supplements do not contain any artificial vitamin, color, sweetener or other additive. In fact they are guaranteed 100% to be free from anything like that. The main thing that interested me was the fact that they are made with over 70 life enhancing ingredients such as decaffeinated green tea extract, resveratrol, curcumin etc. Each of these ingredients has its own history of being great healers for many chronic conditions. Each ingredient in the supplement has been expertly blended to give the best protection that they possibly can give.

These supplements literally can turn back the aging clock, and offer you protection from cancer and heart disease, plus with the addition of oleuropein they also give you the increased benefits of olive leaves, which is protection from serious infections, virus and bacterial diseases.

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