Dargason Music Others An Overview Of The Realme 5 Pro And Its Features

An Overview Of The Realme 5 Pro And Its Features

The new smartphone by Oppo called RealMe 5 is the latest in the series of low cost smartphones that are dominating the smartphone market in China. The Chinese realme 5 is continuing the Chinese dominance, with Oppo Spin-off Realme coming in to join the likes of Oppo, Honor, Huawei, Xiaomi and many others in selling affordable smartphones in the west and in particular Europe. This is an amazing achievement by Oppo that shows how far Chinese manufactures are able to push their products especially in terms of functionality, design and most importantly price. realme 5 However the realme series doesn’t stop there as Oppo is planning on releasing a second series of low cost smartphones in the near future.

Coming to the camera part of the realme 5 we can see that it has a whole host of features that enable it to compete against many high end smartphones on today’s market such as the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S. The first thing that the realme 5 does that the others don’t is have a wide angle lens. It’s not that the lens is bad per say, it just that it enables the use of a very large camera that gives you great pictures in so many different lighting situations. The camera has a very wide angled lens and although there is no optical zoom, a optical zoom will do just fine. You can get great results with this wide angle lens and if you want to shoot in a lower light situation than you can shoot in the low light mode which is a nice touch that Oppo has integrated into the realme lab.

The second feature of the realme 5 that sets it apart from the others on the market is its microSD slot which allows you to add more memory to your smartphone. The microSD slot is designed in such a way that you don’t have to force the card down through the headphone jack because it has a slot that is designed to be placed into the headphone jack of your smartphone. This enables you to take more photos without losing too much of the picture’s quality.

This phone also has what’s referred to as the snapdragon technology which is a unique new feature that is exclusive to the realme 5. The snapdragon technology allows users to enjoy a fast and exceptional mobile experience with it’s dual core processor and large amount of memory. The large amount of memory enables users to download full sized movies and use the default Android operating system which gives this handset an enhanced and fluid user experience. The large screen means that users will never have to miss out on any of the functions which makes it easy to use. The realme lab allows for users to experience a unique blend of multitasking functionality in a compact body which is sure to become an instant hit with both professional and casual users.

Another fantastic feature of this handset is the Quick Charge technology. The quick charge technology enables users to enjoy an extended talk time on their mobile phone which gives them the ability to stay connected. Users can charge up the battery in under 10 seconds making it one of the quickest chargers available today. Not only does this feature make it very easy to use but also provides an extended battery life over other smartphones available on the market. When the battery dies out you simply replace it so you can continue using your realme 5 pro for a long time to come.

There are a number of things people can do to enhance the realme series of mobiles. However, one of the most useful additions is the microSD slot which can be used to add additional storage space. The realme series also features a six.5-inch capacitive HD display which is clear, bright and crisp allowing you to view images like a pro. If you’re looking for an ultimate mobile phone then the Realme series should definitely be considered.

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