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5 Best Water Sports Activities in Santa Marta


Are you a sports hardcore fanatic and searching for a suitable place to fulfill your aquatic cravings? Well, search no additional. Try out these incredible water pursuits in Santa Marta, a huge selection of beaches, food, as well as what not! In case you’re in Santa Marta and searching for some strikingly colorful adventures, then you definitely should really use these incredible water sports in Santa Marta. Now let’s check the top 5 water sports in Santa Marta that you should visit to make your tour memorable.

  1. Diving

Go scuba diving! We’ve mentioned scuba diving within Santa Marta in several of the earlier posts of ours, though it’s absolutely worth mentioning again. In the last couple of years, scuba diving has grown in popularity in Santa Marta with several diving facilities to select from, rates that are competitive, and certification classes that take just a few days to finish. Scuba diving within Santa Marta is essentially much more efficient than several other areas of the planet, and also unlocks a new world of secret treasures beneath the Caribbean sea’s surface area. The beaches, corrals, and wrecks of Santa Marta have a wide variety of exotic fish, safe and clear waters, offering a unique and diverse scuba diving knowledge.

  1. Surfing

Okay, so when you think about surfing, Colombia doesn’t come first to mind. Nevertheless, the surf inside Santa Marta is fun and great for beginners. The surf is able to get during a swell often reaching eight feet tall (faces), there’s loads of surfing schools near Santa Marta, offering to browse board rental and novices classes. Surfing is now another enjoyable water sports activity in Santa Marta for tourists and locals. Head out into the seaside, enjoy the surf and catch a few waves till the sunshine is down.

  1. Fishing

One other fun water sports activity within Santa Marta is fishing. To many, fishing may seem a bit uninteresting. However, in choppy seas along with large fish on offer, it could be as exhilarating as any other sport. Santa Taganga and Marta are on the Caribbean Coast, and it’s the ideal spot to discover how to fish. The port at Taganga is a great starting point. Many small communities fishing boats head away from shore daily and also cast the lines of theirs or even toss away their nets to enjoy the benefits. When in Taganga, you are able to ask several of the fishermen in case you are able to tag along with them because of the day. The majority of the time they are going to say of course. Fishing with the regional fisherman is an absolutely incredible way to see the ocean.

  1. Windsurf and Kitesurf

While not appropriate in Santa Marta, only 2 hours from Hotel Boutique Casa Carolina are several of the Caribbean’s greatest novice and roughest expert windsurf and also kitesurf conditions. At Puerto Velero, simply alongside Barranquilla, you are able to find something from ten to thirty-knot winds, with good waves and also flatwater circumstances, ideal for understanding up to pro. Our individual friend Carlos, the proprietor of Nautica Velero, has a completely equipped windsurf and also a kitesurf school, with qualified instructors and modern equipment, and also areas along with a restaurant. The seashore provides shallow and sheltered waters for understanding in a single great uncrowded bay, with difficult beach break wave situations on the exterior of the bay.

  1. Kayaking and Stand-up Paddle Board

Santa Marta’s International Marina has upwards paddle boards as well as ocean kayaks for rental, only 10 second stroll offered by Hotel Boutique Casa Carolina. Enjoy an alternative perspective of the most incredible bay within Latin America, as Santa Marta is famous.

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Also visit https://wikitravel.org/en/Santa_Martafor more travel information about Santa Marta.


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